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Why are you receiving a ValueMags magazine?

Why are you receiving a magazine from ValueMags? Below are the answers to why you are receiving magazines sent by ValueMags and how to CANCEL them.

There are two reasons that you are getting ValueMags sponsored magazine when you did not explicitly order it: it was sent through a ValueMags partner or it was a promotional offer.

In the case of partner orders, the [name of magazine] was included at no additional cost with your purchase from [Partner Name]. We do not have your billing information so you have not been charged. This subscription will NOT auto-renew.

In the case of a promotional offering, your subscription to [magazine title] was created through a sponsored online promotional offer.  Unfortunately, we cannot track which sponsored offer initiated the magazine. Also, someone could have signed up on your behalf.

 You have not been charged and we do not have any credit card information.  You will not be billed for receiving this promotional subscription. It is a “promo”.

In both cases, ValueMags does NOT have your billing information, only your mailing address. The mailing you received may be a renewal offer rather than a bill. If it is a renewal offer, you can simply disregard it if you do not wish to renew.

It is important to take away that if you have received magazine(s) from ValueMags and want to ensure that it does not happen again, call ValueMags today or contact us through this website so we can track you and remove you from our mailing list. ValueMags has many partners so it is important when you are ordering items online to read through the terms and conditions. There may be a checkbox in those terms and conditions to be checked off if you do not want to receive other promotional items.

Cancelling a subscription from ValueMags is easy. To cancel a magazine subscription that you are receiving from, please visit or email [email protected].



ValueMags is making the conversion to a digital platform. Although some clients still like to hold a print magazine in their hands, ValueMags has to adapt to the green digital movement as well. The company is offering both mediums: print entertainment and digital entertainment. Their digital transition has made them more successful. Check out ValueMags Automobile Digital Magazine Promotion! Take advantage of their promotion while you can.

ValueMags offers many different types of magazine subscriptions so, depending on your subscription, you are receiving the cancel process is always the same – but see the ”cancel” page for some more information about cancelling just in case you want to learn more.


Teaching Your Kids to Give Back: A ValueMags Initiative

At some point in their lives, children will notice people less fortunate than them and start asking questions. It is up to parents to teach them what is the right thing to do and educate them about all the other people in need.

Since there are parents who want to keep children from knowing these sad truths, they become oblivious to this and other things growing up. George Scarlett PhD is the deputy chair in the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development at Tufts University located in Medford Massachusetts. According to him, it is important to let children know there is someone in charge to keep anything really bad from happening to them. But at the same time we should still talk to children about the tough truths of life. The key is as a parent to find the right balance between exposure and protection.

Exposing your child to certain realities as they grow up at different ages is key and knowing just what to do about it with your child will also help. From birth to about 18 month of age, it is important to care for your child since this will also teach them how to care for others. When you take care of their basic needs at that age, you are showing how to respond when you see a need.

After that stage in their lives, they are more aware of the feelings of others. It is not necessarily going to be empathy just yet but they will pick up cues for distress. If they hear a crying baby, they can show signs of concern or they will give you food if you tell them you are hungry. Your job at this stage is to give encouraging feedback and tell him their actions are very nice since they are trying to make the situation better.

As they reach the ages of 2 to 3 years, they start to develop their cognitive and language skills. They can further relate their feelings to that of others and theirs. They may even act out scenarios using dolls on a monster attacking a helpless creature and how they will help. This is a good time to start talking to them about how good it feels to help others. Show them pictures to give the concept a meaning and a face.

As they grow older, they will be able to piece things together. They are now able to place themselves in other people’s shoes. At the age of 5, they will feel bad for another child stuck in the hospital. Keep in mind that world hunger is still too big of a concept to grasp for them. The ages of 7 to 10 are the ones where they can choose a cause and take action with the help of their parents.