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Protecting yourself from the sun

It is that time of year again where you have to think about how to protection yourself from the sun. When people think about shielding themselves from the sun’s harmful effects, their go-to strategy is to apply sunscreen. But did you know that there are other ways you can keep cool and protect yourself from the rays? There are items you can wear that would allow just for that.

To begin, there is a scarf called sun walk that is a fairly fashionable way to protect your body from the sun. When I say scarf, it is not the ones you only put around your neck. It is the one where you leave unfolded around your shoulders. Star Wars has come up with their cool design for this product. But make sure to hand wash is in cold water to protect the fabric.

Sunglasses are a very useful piece to help keep your eyes shielded from the sun. There are many different brands and designs out there but the most effective are ones that fit against your face. What is meant by that is the top should be snuck around your forehead to keep the sun from sneaking in. This will prevent you from squinting, which cause wrinkles too and it will keep you from having that pounding headache you might get later in the day.

Remember the feeling when you get into your car after it has been sitting under the sun all day? There is a way to keep your vehicle cool all summer with the use of car window shades. It can even block 97% of harmful UV rays. It is double sided with one side protecting visibility and the other side providing the clinginess needed to stick to the window and allow it to move around as needed.

If you have a newborn, it is important for them to get some quantity of sunlight a day but after awhile, their bodies will not be able to take it. There is a stroller made by snoozeshade that prevents UV rays to enter since the cover is made of 100% breathable polyester mesh. The zipper around the cover allows parents to un-zip to get their child in and out with ease. Since the cover is see through, babies will be able to look outside without the sun hitting them in the face. It will even protect them from other external components like bugs and wind.

The Benefits Magazines Provides Teenagers

When you think about magazines targeted for teenagers, you might think of advertising that promotes a negative body image and an unattainable sense of life since not all teens are rich enough to buy into what magazines are selling. But what you did not know is although the magazines also focuses on celebrity culture and latest trends, some publications for teenagers appeal to them on a deeper level. This is because they offer a lot of food for thought.

Teens have to learn about different things about the world that they might not have seen at school to taught at home. For example the different kinds of STIs and how to contract them or the risks of sexting and even having a picture of a nude on their phone is considered pornography and can face jail time.

If you look at the different social media accounts out there, especially ones that teens consume, they are often short, entertaining and gets the point across effectively. The magazine articles targeted for teens are usually shorter, and written in plain English for a generation that stays in contact with recent events through television, social media and texts.

In addition, magazine articles will give teens a glimpse to a wider view of the world. A vast number of teen magazines will talk about issues of diversity, sexuality as well as bullying. These topics are important to talk about in general and that conversation might not come up at home or in the classroom. And since magazine articles are professionally written by an author, it even helps develop reading skills and can even expand their vocabulary. Their preferred methods of connecting with the world does not necessarily offer that.

Lastly, parents of teenagers might find it somewhat difficult to find an interesting subject to talk about with their children. But magazines can offer good conversation starters for teens and parents to bond over. Even going through editor and advice columns can make up for meaningful conversations.

Why choose ValueMags for your magazine subscriptions

Chances are you heard of ValueMags through an affiliate site who have partnered up with the company. They offer free magazines to customers with no strings attached. This means no credit cards on file or a contract to buy after the free trial.

When you visit their site, you will get a complete list of free magazines you can subscribe to and browse through the ones that are paid. With the long list of different categories available, there is surely a magazine out there for everyone. ValueMags even has an online program where subscribers can access their favorite magazines through any digital device. Another advantage of this is the fact that as soon as the magazine hits newsstands, customers can go on their device, no matter where they are, and read the latest issue instead of waiting for it to come by mail.

With ValueMags being in business for over a decade, it is no secret they are a well-established company. The organization culture is one that promotes new ideas and innovation. With the ever-evolving trends in this industry, companies have to be constantly searching for the latest trends they can incorporate as additional products and services to provide customers.

If there are any problems with your purchase or the service promised, ValueMags has a team of dedicated customer service professionals ready to help with your inquiries. With that in mind, what have you got to lose? If you love specialized content, ValueMags has what you are looking for depending on your interests and lifestyle. Just note that they are a company based out of Chicago, Illinois. Therefore, they only offer their products and services to the American market.

All the Answers

Recently, ValueMags has been receiving many complaints on how to cancel their magazines.

What most receivers of their magazines do not understand is that ValueMags is a company that is affiliated with other companies where individuals order online. Most often, when they order online, they neglect to read the terms and conditions or see that there is a box to check off receiving or not receiving a promo magazine (in this case from ValueMags).

When ordering online, be sure to read all the conditions of ordering. Additionally, check out ValueMags’ other site for more information on how to cancel at

Halloween is right around the corner! How can ValueMags improve their contest this October? Comment your ideas and thoughts below!

Why am I getting this magazine?

ValueMags is concerned that individuals and partnering company’s clients are worried about receiving ValueMags magazines. ValueMags does not ask for or have anyone’s billing information so if you are receiving a bill, the magazine is not from ValueMags.

If that is the case, make sure to contact the publisher of the magazine as soon as possible. Next, ValueMags is partnered with a couple of companies that include ValueMags magazines in their send out orders.

ValueMags: New and Old

ValueMags is a marketing company for magazines that is known for having a good balance between the new and the old. For new comers, ValueMags tends to keep updating their selection of magazines to demonstrate diversity and stem interest from many audiences. At the same time, ValueMags is recognized for keeping their longest clients happy boy always releasing the issues of their oldest magazines. The company is a good representation of old and modern.

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