One of the many magazines you can get from ValueMags is The Magnolia Journal. The most recent issue is the Summer issue (as this magazine is only published four times a year). However, there are many more topics explored than just your typical Summer tips. While there are plenty of delicious recipes and a multitude of ideas on how to enjoy the warm weather, the theme of this issue is confidence.

Readers are first introduced to this theme in the Letter from the Editor, where Joanna Gaines talks about how they decided to focus on confidence and the different ways this is reflected throughout this issue. It is true, there is no shortage of reflections of this theme, as there are multiple different essays and articles by many different people, each explaining their take on confidence or a story about a time when they used confidence.

These people range from Joanna’s friends and family to a new feature in the magazine on small businesses. As Joanna writes in her letter, “It is the perfect issue to introduce this small business feature because entrepreneurship is all about taking risks. And obviously taking risks requires confidence.”

Perhaps the most compelling reflection of confidence is the feature called “The Many Faces of Confidence,” where eight people reflect on confidence in their life. However, in this portion of the magazine, the stories are shared as small anecdotes, rather than page-long articles. The people included range from young to old, even including a child, all coming from different backgrounds, but circling around this issue’s theme. This section truly demonstrates the immense variety of circumstances in which confidence can present itself.

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