It is that time of year again where you have to think about how to protection yourself from the sun. When people think about shielding themselves from the sun’s harmful effects, their go-to strategy is to apply sunscreen. But did you know that there are other ways you can keep cool and protect yourself from the rays? There are items you can wear that would allow just for that.

To begin, there is a scarf called sun walk that is a fairly fashionable way to protect your body from the sun. When I say scarf, it is not the ones you only put around your neck. It is the one where you leave unfolded around your shoulders. Star Wars has come up with their cool design for this product. But make sure to hand wash is in cold water to protect the fabric.

Sunglasses are a very useful piece to help keep your eyes shielded from the sun. There are many different brands and designs out there but the most effective are ones that fit against your face. What is meant by that is the top should be snuck around your forehead to keep the sun from sneaking in. This will prevent you from squinting, which cause wrinkles too and it will keep you from having that pounding headache you might get later in the day.

Remember the feeling when you get into your car after it has been sitting under the sun all day? There is a way to keep your vehicle cool all summer with the use of car window shades. It can even block 97% of harmful UV rays. It is double sided with one side protecting visibility and the other side providing the clinginess needed to stick to the window and allow it to move around as needed.

If you have a newborn, it is important for them to get some quantity of sunlight a day but after awhile, their bodies will not be able to take it. There is a stroller made by snoozeshade that prevents UV rays to enter since the cover is made of 100% breathable polyester mesh. The zipper around the cover allows parents to un-zip to get their child in and out with ease. Since the cover is see through, babies will be able to look outside without the sun hitting them in the face. It will even protect them from other external components like bugs and wind.