When you think about magazines targeted for teenagers, you might think of advertising that promotes a negative body image and an unattainable sense of life since not all teens are rich enough to buy into what magazines are selling. But what you did not know is although the magazines also focuses on celebrity culture and latest trends, some publications for teenagers appeal to them on a deeper level. This is because they offer a lot of food for thought.

Teens have to learn about different things about the world that they might not have seen at school to taught at home. For example the different kinds of STIs and how to contract them or the risks of sexting and even having a picture of a nude on their phone is considered pornography and can face jail time.

If you look at the different social media accounts out there, especially ones that teens consume, they are often short, entertaining and gets the point across effectively. The magazine articles targeted for teens are usually shorter, and written in plain English for a generation that stays in contact with recent events through television, social media and texts.

In addition, magazine articles will give teens a glimpse to a wider view of the world. A vast number of teen magazines will talk about issues of diversity, sexuality as well as bullying. These topics are important to talk about in general and that conversation might not come up at home or in the classroom. And since magazine articles are professionally written by an author, it even helps develop reading skills and can even expand their vocabulary. Their preferred methods of connecting with the world does not necessarily offer that.

Lastly, parents of teenagers might find it somewhat difficult to find an interesting subject to talk about with their children. But magazines can offer good conversation starters for teens and parents to bond over. Even going through editor and advice columns can make up for meaningful conversations.