ValueMags Subscriptions & All Your Questions Answered

Why am I getting this magazine?

ValueMags is concerned that individuals and partnering company’s clients are worried about receiving ValueMags magazines. ValueMags does not ask for or have anyone’s billing information so if you are receiving a bill, the magazine is not from ValueMags.

If that is the case, make sure to contact the publisher of the magazine as soon as possible. Next, ValueMags is partnered with a couple of companies that include ValueMags magazines in their send out orders.


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  1. Arlen Ashley

    I am getting magazines that I have not ordered. I do not want any of the items
    that have been sent. Please remove my name from where ever you received
    my name. I have contacted the two magazines to cancel them.

    • vmsearchreputation3

      We have submitted a cancellation. The magazine was free via an online offer. We do not have your credit card info. You would never have been charged, nor would the magazine renew.

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